Other sensory bits and bobs

Other sensory bits and bobs

So I like to try to do at least one “sensory” activity each day with Evie and obviously doing a craft project daily is not really possible, so often we re-visit the easy and basic ideas such as marathon blankets, doing things at bathtime or the strips of coloured tablecloth.

A few days ago, my other half actually had the brilliant idea of adding a torch to the marathon blanket play, and that gave such a brilliant effect, it was genius!

Our balls that we bought from ebay have also arrived, I was a little surprised at their small size but I suppose that was me reading the details on Ebay wrong and expecting bigger balls (lol!). Anyway, for the price of £3.19 for 50 balls I’m not really sure what I expected (original item here).

I added them at bathtime which Evie loved, but I am sure we will find a lot more uses for the them over the coming weeks.


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