Sensory plates

Sensory plates

So a few days ago we tried “sensory plates”, an idea that I found on facebook. A link to a video explaining the original idea can be found here. It was doing these plates I actually encountered my first few problems, as I will explain.

The basic idea, is to make a sensory bag (I used hair gel, and initially sequins and glitter) and place it between two paper plates glued together, with a shape cut out of the one in front. Simple right? Well, maybe for someone who is “crafty”, but me, I encountered a few problems.

The first bag I made, which contained hair gel, star sequins and glitter LOOKED great, however when you ran your fingers over it the edges of the star sequins not only pierced the bag but flippin’ hurt too, so that was a no-go and went in the bin. I decided to just use glitter to be on the safe side (although may have been safe with beads).


My next error was that for some reason, I just could not get the plates to glue together. Perhaps I over filled the bag, but in the end I decided to just duct tape the bag to the back plate, and then duct tape around the edge of the two plates. It didn’t look as pretty but I’m not sure Evie, at 5.5 months, minded too much!

The plate actually went down a storm. She is hitting that stage where she can reach out to touch and pick things up (and put them in her mouth and/or lick them!!) so she loved examining the colour of the bag and touching the plate.



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