Other sensory bits and bobs

Other sensory bits and bobs

So I like to try to do at least one “sensory” activity each day with Evie and obviously doing a craft project daily is not really possible, so often we re-visit the easy and basic ideas such as marathon blankets, doing things at bathtime or the strips of coloured tablecloth.

A few days ago, my other half actually had the brilliant idea of adding a torch to the marathon blanket play, and that gave such a brilliant effect, it was genius!

Our balls that we bought from ebay have also arrived, I was a little surprised at their small size but I suppose that was me reading the details on Ebay wrong and expecting bigger balls (lol!). Anyway, for the price of £3.19 for 50 balls I’m not really sure what I expected (original item here).

I added them at bathtime which Evie loved, but I am sure we will find a lot more uses for the them over the coming weeks.

Sensory plates

Sensory plates

So a few days ago we tried “sensory plates”, an idea that I found on facebook. A link to a video explaining the original idea can be found here. It was doing these plates I actually encountered my first few problems, as I will explain.

The basic idea, is to make a sensory bag (I used hair gel, and initially sequins and glitter) and place it between two paper plates glued together, with a shape cut out of the one in front. Simple right? Well, maybe for someone who is “crafty”, but me, I encountered a few problems.

The first bag I made, which contained hair gel, star sequins and glitter LOOKED great, however when you ran your fingers over it the edges of the star sequins not only pierced the bag but flippin’ hurt too, so that was a no-go and went in the bin. I decided to just use glitter to be on the safe side (although may have been safe with beads).


My next error was that for some reason, I just could not get the plates to glue together. Perhaps I over filled the bag, but in the end I decided to just duct tape the bag to the back plate, and then duct tape around the edge of the two plates. It didn’t look as pretty but I’m not sure Evie, at 5.5 months, minded too much!

The plate actually went down a storm. She is hitting that stage where she can reach out to touch and pick things up (and put them in her mouth and/or lick them!!) so she loved examining the colour of the bag and touching the plate.


Glow stick bath

Glow stick bath

I can’t remember where I got this idea from (probably a group on FB) but for a while I have been trying to think of ways to incorporate Evie’s love of all things bright to bathtime. Sadly I missed the boat on the light up bath animals that were on offer in Lidl so glow sticks were a brilliant idea.

I bought these ones from ebay – 100 for £5.48 with free postage – and they arrived quickly.


My only worry was whether they would be safe in the bath so did a little research coming up with several people who mentioned the “cracking” inside the glowstick being caused by breaking glass. I wasn’t sure whether this was true but just in case decided to place each glowstick inside a ziplock bag before placing it in the bath. This isn’t such an issue with a baby (who was sat on me in the bath) but I imagine would be awful for an older child if this did happen.

_MG_8476The result was stunning – I think I might like to do it for my own baths in future!


Plasma Ball

Plasma Ball

My partner Ben was browsing in Maplin when he came across something I remember being amazed by in my own childhood; a plasma ball – a glass globe which contains what looks like electric currents shooting out from the centre, which change when the globe is touched. How they work is explained here (Wikipedia to the rescue!).

For £12.49 he thought it was a bargain for something that might be able to used in sensory play with Evie – to stimulate vision and touch. You can buy them online here if you are interested.

We waited until it was dark and then had a play – here are the results. She was absolutely transfixed by it!

Warning: If you are going to do this with a toddler, be aware that the globe is made of glass.





Disposable Tablecloths

Disposable Tablecloths

So today we used another idea shamelessly stolen from our baby sensory class. When I went to Asda I bought 3 disposable tablecloths, a bargain at £1 each. There are lots of different colours available but I chose to stick to pink, purple and turquoise/blue:


Next, I cut them all into strips, and then unravelled them like so:



Another really simple idea, with brilliant results! Evie loved the effect, the colours and the noise, particularly when she was lying on her back at the strips were thrown into the air!



Marathon Blankets

Marathon Blankets

So using an idea I was shown at our weekly baby sensory class, I managed to find a pack of marathon blankets (those silver blankets they wrap round runners to keep them warm!) on ebay for 99p here. A little roughing up, and a beautiful shiny, crinkly play thing was made!

There isn’t really much left to say on this one. It was simple but genius!


Here is a little clip of Evie with the blanket, she is just starting to reach out and grab things and she found the blanket fantastic to touch and move about!

Sensory Glitter Jars

Sensory Glitter Jars

So since Evie loves all things sparkley, I decided I would have a go at making a “glitter jar”. Now I am the least crafty person you will ever meet, so I thought I would start off with something really, really simple (what could possibly go wrong?!).

I loosely used this website http://www.artsyants.com/2011/11/make-magic-bottle-tutorial.html?m=1 (although I couldn’t find flakes, didn’t see the point in spending out on a fancy bottle and trimmings and thought I would give it a go with normal tap water).

It was pretty easy, and the results were actually not too bad, possibly because at only just under 5 months Evie has pretty simple tastes!